Even though social media is immensely popular, many small businesses do not utilize it. They may not have social media savvy. If this isn’t your forte, that’s okay. Now, social media marketing is crucial when it comes to small business marketing.

Here are 10 tips to get you started.

Focus on Brand Voice

Make sure that you spend time honing your brand voice. This will make you recognizable. Likewise, if you have a target audience, your voice is what is going to draw them in. Make sure it’s appropriate for your demographic.

Stick to the Best Platform

Not all platforms are equal. It all depends on your brand and your voice. Do you think your business would perform better on Instagram or Facebook? You don’t have to spread yourself too thin on social media.

Create a Posting Schedule

A schedule will not only help you stay organized, but it let people know when to look and when to expect your posts. This also keeps you from spamming your followers.

Set Specific Goals

Your small business marketing goals need to be specific. If you are too broad, then it is going to be difficult to attain the goals or to know what progress you are making. Always make sure to be realistic with all of your goals.

Lead Your Followers From Social Media

Get your followers to interact with you elsewhere. Lure them to read your blog or check out your company website.

Create a Balance of Promotional and Personal Posts

You don’t want a social media profile that is all advertisement and promotional posts. Make human posts too. These posts will make your company more relatable and interesting.

Check Out Your Competitors

Feel free to spy on your competition. Check out what they are doing on social media. Take inspiration and recognize what they do wrong and right.

Engage With Your Followers

Show an interest in your followers. Ask for their input on your postings; interact with them on a more consistent basis.

Be Smart About Visuals

Make sure that your visuals make sense to the product you are selling and to your brand voice. Also, they need to appeal towards your demographic.

Continue to Learn As You Go

There is always more to learn about social media, just as there is always more to learn about marketing. Make sure that you are always open to learning new things.

These 10 tips lead to smart small business marketing.