If your site converts well, you have an excellent opportunity to increase traffic and see the sales come rolling in. You can buy extra visitors, but they’re not high-quality and will bounce back out as soon as they hit your landing page. Increasing your traffic is only a successful strategy if the new visitors coming in are genuine. Here are seven ways you can bring in more people ready to purchase from you.

Run a Competition

Competitions draw people to your site and capture data at the same time. While many people will end up there simply because it’s a competition, this is your opportunity to make the landing page and any follow-up marketing engaging so they remember you long afterward.


Online advertising has never been so easy. From display ads to sponsored content to PPC, the larger your budget, the further your reach. However, you can also increase traffic by dialing into specific, high-performing audiences at a fraction of the cost.

Start a Blog

Search engines love blogs. Blogs offer fresh, unique, relevant content, which is why they perform well in SEO. Start a company blog hosted on your website, and you’ll not only catch the attention of the SERPs, but you’ll also assert yourself as an authority figure within your field.

Partner With an Affiliate

Affiliates are third parties who drive people to your website and earn a commission for every completed sale. Affiliate content is often seen as more credible because they position themselves as unbiased and independent.

Create a Social Platform

Social media is so effective at driving visitors because you can use creative ways to take people from your social platform to your website and back again. It also enables you to engage daily with your audience less intrusively than other channels.

Optimize Your Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the more unique search terms visitors use to get to your site. They’re cheap because they’re not as popular as short keywords, but they’re highly targeted and surprisingly easy to take advantage of. Using a blend of common-sense and analytics tools, you’ll get all the answers you need to run a successful campaign.

Launch Something

A new product, a sale, a partnership – launches always attract attention from the digital press and, if you plan your content calendar effectively, you’ll see a lot of traction in the run-up to the event. The buzz is over relatively quickly, so it’s up to you to seize your opportunity and make the most of it.

Getting more visitors to your website is easy. Getting quality visitors, however, is where you’ll see the value. Invest your time in these tips, and you’ll get results.