With consumer shopping habits continuing to blur the line between online and offline, it is imperative that small business owners embrace a robust digital marketing strategy.

A new Metro Detroit-based agency, Uncork Digital Marketing, wants to help small and mid-sized companies set themselves up for success in 2019 as they navigate trending shopper habits. To do so, Uncork Digital Marketing offers a free assessment to help these businesses gauge and grow their online presence.

“The idea that if you build it they will come is now, if you build it they will research it on their mobile phone, check with their friends on social media and comparison shop before they ever walk through the door,” according to Shannan Heaman, Owner, Uncork Digital Marketing. “It’s no longer enough for a business owner to simply have a website. They are expected to engage with customers, building trust and a positive online reputation.”

According to Heaman, Uncork Digital Marketing is staffed with professionals in website development, pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, social media, email and content marketing.

“We take pride in offering custom digital marketing plans that will get business clicking for our clients,” she said.

Uncork Digital Marketing is fueled by experienced marketers offering a full suite of online marketing services to help small to medium-sized businesses gain access to the multi-billion-dollar online market. Shannan Heaman has 20 years experience working with retailers across the country to create effective marketing strategies in both traditional and digital marketing.

For more information contact Shannan Heaman, Owner at 248-780-3771 or shannan@uncorkdigital.com.