The wellness industry has grown in popularity over the years, as people look for ways to live a healthy life without traditional western medicine. Many individuals are focused on fixing themselves from within and establishing a healthy foundation. With that in mind, there’s no shortage of customers to find.

Here’s how to stay engaged with them through social media marketing and keep them coming back for more.

Tell a Story That Captures Attention

For folks to see how natural wellness products work, it helps to market in the form of a story they can easily relate to. Showing how someone started off weighing 200 pounds and then lost 50 pounds through clean eating helps them get an idea of what to expect. Talking about health issues most folks experience in their daily life gives them a reason to take a closer look at a wellness company and see what it can do for them.

Provide Pictures for a Visual Illustration

Pictures offer a powerful look at what can happen when someone makes changes to their lifestyle. Showing before and after pictures to target individuals trying to lose weight, improve their complexion or even feel relaxed creates a measurable impact. People are visual creatures that often want proof before they’re willing to commit to a product or service. Showing them the results, they can achieve can encourage them to take that final step and make a purchase. Since many people engage on social media to see pictures, this is a great tool to use in the wellness industry.

Give a Reward 

Everyone loves a reward, and social media marketing is a major reason why folks choose to follow a brand or company. Winning a free product, service, or trial session can help seal the deal for people on the fence about making a purchase. Even when folks don’t win, they’ll stay tuned to see if there’s a new opportunity to engage with. Consider offering a reward or prize for followers either once a week or once a month. You can measure results and decide if it’s worth it to keep offering.

Using social media marketing in the wellness industry offers the chance to gain new customers in powerful ways. Showing people the difference a wellness company can make offers a powerful visual reminder. Telling a success story allows them to see how the same products and services could benefit them. Finally, giving a reward encourages folks to keep following and even bring on additional potential customers.