It goes without saying that social media marketing is an important part of building brand awareness here in the digital age. However, there’s still a fine art to doing it correctly and maximizing your return on investment. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you work on turning your brand into a household name.

Pick Your Platform With Care

Don’t make the mistake of thinking one social network is as good as another when it comes to brand building. Take a moment to consider your ideal customer. What platforms do they use and how? Is the platform you’re considering popular and growing, or is it on its way out? The best places to focus your brand-building efforts will be the same places your customers spend their time and trust to keep them connected to entities that interest them.

Create and Maintain an Active Presence

Today’s consumer expects more from the brands they follow on social media than wall-to-wall advertisements. They want access to fun, engaging content that’s entertaining or gets them thinking. You want to build an audience that not only likes the content you post but enjoys it enough to share it with their own audience. Be unique with the content you post, and use it to help develop a signature voice for your brand. Posting consistency is important as well. You want your audience to come to count on you for great content that always delivers. Scheduling posts can help you refine your timing for the best results.

Interact With Your Followers

Building positive brand awareness on social media is all about making a personal connection with existing and potential customers. Be responsive to those who take the time to engage with your content. Respond to questions or concerns as promptly as possible. Be friendly and warm in how you address your followers, but professional as well. Be a participant in as many of the conversations you spark on your page as possible. Your customers want to feel seen, heard, and valued for more than just their ability to boost your bottom line, and social media gives you near limitless opportunities to do that.

When leveraged properly, social media not only raises brand awareness but gives companies a chance to matter to their customers on an entirely new level. It also gives you a chance to find out what your customers think, need, and want from not only you but all of the brands they trust the quality of their life to. Make the most of it.